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The ESG Dividend

At BII we have extensive experience in working with our portfolio companies —as well as fund managers and financial institution partners— to build their capacities to better manage ESG risks and, crucially, to create business value at the same time. This strengthens a company’s resilience and positions them to be more impactful and more successful.

The case studies included here focus on four core areas of support: skills and leadership, job quality, climate, and gender. These are BII’s corporate strategic priorities and priority issues for many of our portfolio companies. Explore the case studies below or find them all in our new publication, The ESG Dividend.

Nicky Crawford

Director and Head of Environmental and Social Governance Impact

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Skills & Leadership

We want to ensure workers reach their full potential, and to build the skills that companies need. We focus on building people’s skills for the green and digital economies, alongside ESG training and leadership development. Find out more on our skills & leadership page.

Job Quality

We invest to create inclusive, sustainable and productive employment and decent work for all. Increasingly, this includes jobs that address Just Transition opportunities and needs. We work with our investees to meet national and international labour standards, and we encourage companies to go beyond this to create quality, fulfilling work for people. Find out more on our job quality page.


We seek to play a meaningful role in tackling climate change, and to support countries and communities in a successful and Just Transition to net-zero and resilient economies. We aim to assess climate change risks and opportunities in potential investments during our due diligence process, which helps us agree an action plan before we invest. Find out more on our climate change page.


Advancing gender equality and empowering women economically is at the heart of building sustainable and inclusive businesses. We’re committed to using our role as an investor to help close the economic gaps between men and women. We use a gender lens to identify risks and opportunities to improve the performance of our investees or their portfolio companies by implementing gender-based interventions. Find out more on our gender page.

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