The new BII ESG Toolkit for Fund Managers is designed to provide practical guidance to fund managers and others about how assess and manage environmental, social, governance and business integrity risks and capitalise on any related opportunities. It sets out:

Quick guide

Where to look in this Toolkit when… Key sections/links
…preparing to pitch a new fund to BII.
…preparing the fund’s annual ESG report for BII.
…understanding how good ESG management can benefit companies and investors.
…conducting due diligence on potential new investments.
…drafting ESG terms prior to investing in a company.
…managing portfolio companies during the ownership stage.
…exiting an investment.
…setting up or updating the fund’s ESG management systems.
Understanding and managing governance and business integrity issues, including corporate governance, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, whistleblowing and sanctions.
…learning about specific E&S topics.
…..assessing and managing ESG issues associated with specific industry sectors.